Second Zyklus machine

Things are getting a bit crazy, as a second Zyklus has shown up at my door.

Actually, this machine was Pete’s and suffered moisture damage. It was considered dead, but recently it actually did show some signs of life. Given the rarity, all the more reason to refurbish. Besides that,  now I can use this machine as a template while leaving the Vangelis machine in tact. There are some slight differences anyway, both in hardware and software.

So today it arrived and after unpacking it, i noticed with was ratteling a LOT. The case is spotted quite a bit, even some moisture blisters under the paint. Not sure yet how I will tacke this, but that’s for later.




The mainboard and powerboard are sitting on Nylon PCB standoffs, but these were all broken. As a result, everything roamed freely inside, causeing a bit of damage:

So far the list of damage:

  • The Voltage selector is wrecked
  • The main caps on the powerboard have all come off
  • all the standoffs are broken
  • one of the EProms has been pushed (but still ok)
  • onf of the TTL chips has been pushed (but appears to be conneted ok)
  • The 1uf Philips poly cap (yellow block) was pushed and likely is broken
  • The two pots on the bottomside of the mainbaord are trashed.

That seems to be the extend of the damage so far. I can see that there’s some corrosion on some of the IC feet, but nothing too bad.

So here were the firs few steps I took with this:

First step was disassemble the machine completely so I could inspect everything in detail.

Next up: getting the EPROMS out and make a dump. This machine has V1.2A, whereas the old Vangelis machine has only V1.2.

Note though, EPROM 0 and 1 are always 1.2. Only EPROM 2 needs the 1.2A.  But I grabbed copies of all the EPROMS anyway.


Next up: Fixing the powerboard.

Replaced the caps with new ones:

recapped board

And upon close inpsection, there were a few cold solder joints, so I reflowd the entire board.

Cold Joints

With that, the powerboard is in optima forma again. In order to move on, I have to do some shopping. Find the poly capacitors and suitable replacement standoffs.

I’m also looking into getting a better desoldering station as that makes life a LOT easier.  To Be Continued……





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