The Plan

The plan for now is first to create a clone.

I’m collecting parts, based on the schematics and photographs I have.

I have all the IC’s, most of them double or tripple. Encoders, displays etc.

In progress:

  • Creating a stock sheet, seperate pages for Logic, Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors, Power Supply stuff, Connectors.  Based on the schematics and photos.
  • Sourcing and collecting the parts. I’m trying to get the most authenitc parts I can get. Same brand and type midi connectors, encoders etc.
  • Redesinging the PCB’s in software, to later on get them printed.
  • Going through the source code. This is a major task. Everything is written in Z80 assembly. I have some 386 Assembler experience, but it’s been a while. Thankfully, the code is excellently documented.
  • Sourcing the correct assembler software so I can re-compile it.

This alone is quite an undertaking to get to the stage where I have a working clone, but that’s the absolute fun of it.

From that point on there are several routes open:

  • Add features by extending the existing software
  • Release everything including the PCB design plans and stock list as open source so eveyrbody who wants one, can build their own (similar to for example the Gigatron TTL Computer).
  • Replatform to a more modern CPU
  • ………..


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