Display repair part 1

Ever since I got it, the display would flicker or need a tap or two every so often to have its backlight working. Felt like a typical loose connection, so I took a look and quickly determined that the inverter was the culprit.


The inverter

Time to take it apart:

The inverter insides

It’s a transforer, transitor, some caps & resistors.  Soon enough I found the culprit:

That is a classic case of a cold solder joint. The tip has broken and the wire which was sodered in here, spun around freely.

A quick heatup with a soldering iron to reflow the solder and it was fixed:


Re-assemble and voila, the display was bright again.


However, since the inverter was severly humming, indicating it was on its last legs and since I’ve seen a few Zyklus machines upgraded with OLED displays, I set out to find a few OLED’s and replace the old LCD anyway.

Coming soon….




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