Long overdue update

It’s been a while – I’ve been a bit busy. But here we go.

A new Zyklus is born. Actually, quite a while ago, User PaulMc and myself managed to finsih building the first version of the mainboard. While there were one or two little bugs, it ended up working quite nicely!

So with that, Paul madeĀ  a few changes to the KiCad files and ordered a new series of boards to build.
These would be the definite Clone builds.



I’ve test fitted everything in the Original Zyklus enclosure to test:



And it nearly completely fits. The display is taking too much space, using the hex offsets, so I let it rest now on the screws and that fits, but the screws are too short, and the display moved while mounting the board…



Once I got that fixed, I can start testing midi!.




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