Unboxing the actual Zyklus

After paying a small fortune on taxes and import duties, the box was finally delivered.

It was packed extremely well:


It wouldn’t boot at first, so time to open it up and check out the powersupply.

I didn’t take any pics of this process, but using a multimeter I checked if there was 5v on the output (after making sure the fuse was OK and the voltage on the back was set correctly).

The capacitors looked ok, no sign of leakage and there was a clean 5v on the rail.

After the removal and resetting of the powerboard connector (the one with the red/orange/black lead) to the mainboard, the machine booted:

Next up, taking dumps of the EPROMS.

Two reasons behind it: to have working dumps so I can burn new EPROMS with the software and to replace the existing EPROMS. Normally EPROMS don’t really degrade so this is more for a ‘just in case’ type of thing.

The actual EPROM type used weren’t in my definitions file, but a generic one did pull a correct dump from the EPROM.

After this, I burned a new set using brand new EPROMS and put those in the Zyklus. It’s been running on these ever since.

It’s version 1.2, so if I want 1.2A, I’d need to find a way to compile the source code I have.

Up & Running:


The memory was clean but the batteries were still OK.  None of the sequences Vangelis used were left in there. The batteries of the memory pack were empty, the memory filled with random garbage.

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