Trying Z80 Emulator

This gentleman ( has created a Z80 Emulator, based on a Teensy 4.1 module. It is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for the cpu, with which we can use its features to easilly develop new features for the Zyklus. Using this emulator would negate the need to burn new EPROMS, as we can simply compile to HEX format and use that as an array in the code.

In order to make it work, it needs a little PCB board. Hardware guru Paul has had them created through his usual channels and I’ve attempted to build two. The IC’s on them are SMD and tiny as cluck…

I think I succeded but…

Here are the PCB’s:


And following some instructions I found, I uploaded the emulator software to the Teensy, but testing so far yield no results. So I’m not sure where to look for the faults. Probably my SMD solder work, though all the contiuity tests I’ve done so far check out. Maybe I’m screwing up something else. To be contiued as this on paper looks absolutely promising to easilly evolve the Zyklus..

Here’s a screenshot from the IDE tool to upload the code to the teensy:

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